Our Products

Designed with Electron Microscopists in mind...

Developed with experienced electron microscopists, our EM products are designed for reliability and ease of use. Each product is made to order and can be fitted by our team of expert microscopy engineers.

Probe current meter

Probe Current Meter

Our probe current meter has been designed with electron beam lithography, ion beam and EDX users in mind. Battery operated, it can measure down to 1pA with no interferece with surrounding instruments.

Key Features

  • Capable of long term stability for EBL, FIB and EDX applications
  • Battery version available for portable applications
  • μA-pA range
  • Installed in seconds subject to appropriate connector
  • Chamber view

    Chamber View

    Chamber View is an infrared remote viewing system with many applications, from electron microscopes specimen chambers to experimental observations.

    Key Features

  • Non invasive infra red inspection camera
  • Can be PC interfaced
  • Complete system with monitor and camera housing
  • Simple installation to any SEM using interface flange provided
  • Variety of other applications for remote viewing
  • Beam blanker

    Beam Blankers

    We make both electromagnetic and electrostatic beam blankers for electron microscope columns.

    Key Features

  • Electrostatic or Electromagnetic
  • Fast and reliable
  • Specialised electronics can be tailored to suit individual applications